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There are many ways to think branding socially and culturally today. My most consistent view about this concept is "the first idea or memory that we have of something." And something is defined to a person, a company, a service, a cafe, a movie, a moment, and various other things. Beyond them are included in the sport context, a club, a stadium, an athlete, a coach, a twisted, a city on game day, a competition, a fan, a running track, a ball, a glove.

The importance and relevance of sports branding is how to strength the game as a product as an entertainment option that is guided by a passion of its fans and consumers. Among the items that determine the professionalization of business management, one of them is the brand.

From now on I'll share my own ideas about sports, entertainement and how they are related to another industry: Tourism. Ideas about place branding, hotel and hostel brands, airline companies etc. and their interactions with the crowd.

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