Branding project developd for Finesse City, a football club brand for Friday Night Football Championship. The FNF Championship is London’s most dynamic showcase football league giving players the ultimate 11-aside footballing experience. It’s a four-team league competition featuring the Samba Stars, Finesse City, The Madrid Kings and VSV Sporting.  Each team has their own footballing philosophy, from attacking with flair and skill to defending the lead with flawless counter attacking tactics.

About Finesse City: "Their turf, their rules! The city slickers will have no mercy on their rivals, as they look to cause chaos on the pitch. With pace and power, Finesse City are out to dominate games with a flawless counter attacking-football philosophy."

Contact: At the FNF Championship, we are excited to be launching a platform that injects a fresh new passion in players to enjoy the best sport in the world. Whether you have a question, want to collaborate or potential partnership queries then please get in touch.
Email: / Twitter: FNFChamp / Instagram: FNFChamp
Founder: Kelvin Miles / Designer: Ricardo Carvalho

©FNF Championship, 2017